Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Staple!

I have found a new staple item in my kitchen. Mayo made out of olive oil. It's amazing! On the package it has a recipe for roasting veggies which I practically make every night. I would have never thought to mix my potatoes and other root vegetables with mayo and roast. But it gives such a subtle flavor and is so yummy. AND ITS GOOD FOR YOU!

Im sure there is going to be many other ways to use this but I just wanted to share with the foodies. You should get it and experiment with it!

Ok! I love Pillsbury... you can do so many things with their products. So one way to spice up your crescent rolls. Sprinkle with parm, parsley, and garlic... roll and bake and Viola! A whole new way to eat a crescent! Yum!

Well, I hope some of these ideas inspired someone to experiment in the kitchen!

Happy Eating!